Advantages of a Xbox 360? Top Answer. Wiki User. 2009-01-30 10:28:46 2009-01-30 10:28:46. there are quite a few advantages to owning an XBOX 360. firstly, there is the hard drive, which is clearly

Nov 17, 2006 · Xbox 360 was the first next-generation console to be released, so it has a year's worth of games and accessories already on hand. The Premium version of Xbox 360 sells for $399 which is $200 less Advantages: Perfect Xbox Live Connection. Voice Message. Text Message. In-game chat. Games are really good. And more i don't know LOL. Disadvantages No built-in Wifi. Pay for online. Very loud. There are advantages of each. The Xbox One is newer, so it has better graphics and a faster processor. It has a much more advanced Kinect sensor, can control your TV, and has a much better multitasking experience than the 360. For Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "What are the benefits of installing a game to the hard drive?". I can see why more people bought the 360 in 2006 and 2007. But now, in 2008, I can't understand why people would choose the 360 over the PS3. It's like choosing HD DVD vs. Blu-ray. The facts and Jul 26, 2018 · Xbox One vs Xbox 360 – Design. The Xbox One is a huge, hulking beast with a huge hulking power supply dragging it down. By comparison the Xbox 360 is dinky. Jan 22, 2020 · Some Xbox 360 emulators support both Xbox 360 and Xbox one games. So you can play various Xbox games on your Windows PC with an Xbox emulator. After reading above, you should know the advantages of using Xbox 360 emulators.

Nov 17, 2006 · Xbox 360 was the first next-generation console to be released, so it has a year's worth of games and accessories already on hand. The Premium version of Xbox 360 sells for $399 which is $200 less

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Well, to start the xbox 360 has a great online service service as you know. Talking to friends and family is always a plus, and the reputation system is great. The Xbox is cost effective, and the

First and foremost, Xbox 360 is a media extender while the PS3 is a media center; this alone is enough to put the latter at a better footing. So, what does a center do that an extender doesn’t? Technically, a media extender is a device that, when connected to your computer, accesses media content — like photos, music, or videos — and Dec 27, 2009 · I'm looking to buy a xbox 360 and i'm wondering, if it were modded could I get a game from the shop and save it directly onto the hard drive itself and play it without the disc. And if I bought a xbox 360 elite version with a 120gb hard drive would I be able to store more games than a Xbox 360 with a 20gb hard drive, and when they say 120gb hard dive do they mean it has 120gb of storage or Feb 13, 2012 · Xbox 360 Controller No Battery Pack Fix - Use Your Controller Without a Battery Pack - Duration: 6:03. Xbox DIY 1,127,629 views. 6:03. BEST PS4 LED Mod Kit! - eXtremeRate PS4 Controller DTFS LED Xbox 360 comes with a 20GB hard drive and no HDMI cable.. Xbox 360 Elite is the fancier package, with a 120GB hard drive and an HDMI cable.. Xbox 360 Arcade has no hard drive and no high-definition cables (neither component video nor HDMI are included — you’ll have to spring for the optional cables), but it is the cheapest way to get into the world of Xbox 360. Xbox 360 vs Xbox One comparison. When the Xbox 360 launched in 2005, it was a cutting edge, seventh generation console that combined crisp graphics with motion-sensing technology. The Xbox One, which launched in late 2013, is the latest and eighth generation of the Xbox console family. It Xbox 360 elite consoles are designed for those who like to use the Live Marketplace to download and stream HD content. They support 1080p playback and provide excellent picture quality when connected to compatible televisions or monitors. Gamers also love to explore Xbox 360 console accessories.