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Mar 16, 2020

SSLVPN Bad Login Attempt Alerts : sonicwall

Endpoint vpn users and/or Mobile Access users are not able

When using the Check Point Capsule Connect / VPN App on Android and iOS devices, users can successfully create a site and authenticate with user/password, but it doesn't work with certificates. Certificate enrollment works, but authentication fails. In SmartView Tracker there is a log with error message: "unknown user DN". In NSX 6.4.5 and earlier, proxy server configuration is supported only on SSL VPN-Plus Client on a Windows computer. SSL VPN-Plus Logs SSL VPN-Plus gateway logs are sent to the syslog server configured on the NSX Edge appliance. Edit Client Configuration You can change the way the SSL VPN client tunnel responds when the remote user logs in to One must have a frames-capable browser to use Fortinet KB. Get one here: In addition, latency or poor network connectivity can cause the default login timeout limit to be reached on the FortiGate. In FortiOS 5.6.0 and later, the following commands allow a user to increase timers related to SSL VPN login. config vpn ssl settings set login-timeout 180 (default is 30) set dtls-hello-timeout 60 (default is 10) end