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Repeater / Repeater Bridge - Extend the Wireless access area using a second router WIRELESSLY connected to the primary. The secondary router must have dd-wrt installed; the primary does not need dd-wrt. Repeater Bridge - A wireless repeater with DHCP & NAT disabled, clients on … How to Install DD-WRT Firmware on Your Router - Appuals.com Downloading the DD-WRT firmware. If your device is compatible with DD-WRT, you will be able to … Switch - DD-WRT Wiki You can configure most DD-WRT capable routers as a simple 4 or 5 port switch. A switch is similar to a hub in that all devices connected to it will be in the same broadcast domain and can communicate freely with each other. The configuration is nearly identical to that of a Wireless Access Point. Teach Your Router New Tricks With DD-WRT | PCWorld

Dec 15, 2017

Well, one of the many strengths of DD-WRT is that it is a versatile platform which can be used to repurpose your router, and one of the most useful things you can do with an old router it into a wireless repeater! We've covered this, and much more in our Definitive DD-WRT Guide. Using Sputnik-Powered DD-WRT Firmware | Sputnik Agent

How to Install DD-WRT Firmware on Your Router - Appuals.com

Use DD-WRT to Configure a Router as a Wireless Adapter. 07-13-12. Start by checking if the router supports DD-WRT custom firmware. Download and install the firmware according to the instructions for the router model. Connect an ethernet cable from your computer to a LAN port on the router.