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Malware is any software designed to act against you or your device. That means the term malware can refer to almost any intentionally damaging software. While it may sound familiar to most users, you may still have a few questions about it. What is Malware? - Types of Malware Attacks | Proofpoint What is malware? Malware is an umbrella term for various types of malicious programs that are delivered and installed on end-user systems and servers. These types of malware programs fall into commonly referred to categories such as: Ransomware – prevent access to files unless a fee is paid Malware - Free downloads and reviews - CNET malware free download - Malwarebytes, Malware Hunter, Malware Eraser, and many more programs What Is Malware? - Experian®

Beware malware-laden emails offering COVID-19 information

Jul 24, 2020

Many of the emails take advantage of an unpatched, decades-old Microsoft Office vulnerability to deliver malware. Advice: Patch now.

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