It is also possible to use the same SSID on both routers, so you don’t have to switch depending on where you are in the house. But there are also other benefits of having two routers except for better WiFi. You can expand your network with more ethernet ports in other parts of the house/apartment.

How to Connect Two Wireless Routers Together - Digital Jan 26, 2013 Expand the Range of your Wireless Network with another Jul 06, 2015 Connecting two Wireless Routers | Connect two wireless Connecting two wireless routers without wires has many uses in a home network. If the home is not wired for Ethernet and there are several devices which need to be connected to home network then connecting them trough router to router wireless bridge is a good idea. You can opt to use wireless adapters, also known as wireless gaming adapters.

If you have a big house (or office), you may find it necessary to run two wireless routers (or more) to share the internet connection around efficiently. Although you can just plug in both routers and start using them, a bunch of little network problems caused by having two wireless routers will soon start to annoy you. There’s a simple alternative which this article describes.

Oct 22, 2018

This situation may help you understand your doubt. I had a WiFi router which wasn’t capable of providing strong signals from ground floor to first floor. So, what I did was I got another router and set it up to the same SSID and same password that

Sep 21, 2019 · Finally, the network will be as follows: Internet -> modem -> router 1 -> router 2. The two routers both distribute the same Wi-Fi signal to connect computers, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and consoles to the Internet. Nothing prevents you from connecting a PC to the two routers via the remaining LAN ports. Routers aren't expecting folks to do what we're doing, so when you turn on the second router it will also default to You're turning off the first so the second can be changed. Turn on the second router and set its static IP address to Under IP Address Distribution, set it to "disabled." Jan 31, 2020 · Setting up your Mac or PC to use two or more Wi-Fi connections at the same time is a very simple task. In fact, any computer running Windows 7, 8 or 10 or macOS 10.10+ can connect to any combination of available Internet connections. Apr 09, 2019 · For example, if the IP address on your main router is, assign to the second router. Don’t forget that the routers need to have the same Subnet mask. Once you are done, hit Save and exit the browser. Connect the Two Routers. With configuration out of the way, it’s time to connect the routers via an Ethernet or Cat-5 May 21, 2014 · As a result, Your client router should have an IP address in the same subnet as the primary router. So, if the primary router has an IP address of say,, you could set the IP address of the client router to With this option, both routers are in the same subnet (192.168.1.x). How to connect two / three / four routers working together in one local network. How to extend your existing wired LAN (local area network) and increase WiFi wireless coverage. Status: Resolved / Fixed. Solution: If you need to extend your WIRED local area network, simplest way to do so is to get network SWITCH with 5/8/16 or 24 LAN ports Re: Connecting two wireless routers together For the inexperienced, the golden rule is one network, one router - anytime you have two routers and you can make them do what you want, chalk it up to inexperience, and get rid of one.